This is what it must feel like before we are born, we are floating and we are partially blind. We are without air until we are screaming and kicking to be cradled and floating again.



Full Moon

Lightness floods
my mind.
My spirit
Soars –
Energy swims through
The bays and abyss of
My body –
To flow with yours.
Awake –
with the
Chemistry of
A thousand
Suns –
A breath
A rush
A wave
One circuit
of pleasure –
At once knowing
Like halves
Of the moon.

The game of life,
played at chance,
a lucky friend
to fall in love.


Oh Monday, how you cause me to oversleep

over step, over reach,

over stress, the stress of the week.

Monday, don’t you grasp the importance of the weekend?

Oh Monday,

You do me, so wrong and so right into the week.

Constant is Change

Constant is Change. The change from day to night, night to day. The change from the dark side of the moon, to the light. No moment is the same as the next. And, no day is quite like the next. The sun, the moon, and the truth all reveal themselves in time. They are our constant companions in this life. A new day. A new sun. A new truth.

The Invisible Circus

The invisible circus came to town –

Playing tricks of illusion, creating confusion

For all to see, a sea of circus singers, trapeze swingers,

— magic weavers.

Baiting the audience, luring them

Playing tricks of illusion, questionable delusion

Captivating with the lull and the lust of dance

dare —

For all to see, a pair of lovers, sequined lovers,

Whispering, lovers.

Playing tricks of illusion, magnetic fusion

Trust —

More than just lust, as they fell in love..

For all to see, the rhythmic pulsing, a circadian propulsion

The invisible circus came to town –

Beating and breathing, existing in apparition.



Spin me a story
Eight legged weaver of romance
Writer of adventure

Spider show me a web
Spindly sorceress of words
Shifter of sounds into shapes

Spider string me a silken line, a lure, allured,

alive in love with your magic of making a mandala,
a home, a muse

You muse for us all,


all and nothing

the space between

the breathe between

the air he breathed

the air she breathed

becomes everything

and nothing

befallen before red rocks

and rosy sunsets


Air Born

Flying through space and time

Dissolving, revolving, evolving

As dislodged from one

Into oneness

Flying through space and time

Exploding, emoting, motionless motion

A devotion to the present moment

of being air born –

into another time and space.